About me

People call me Dr. Passion.

There are a few reasons. I am…
Me, hello 🙂

A Passionologist…

who does research on Passion and walks the talk by living a life with passion.
My Life purpose statement is “I am a growing ball of Passion who brings life to people through Purpose and Passion” – Sok-ho

Photographer: Stuart Hull

A multi-passionate polymath…

who is equally a social scientist (a researcher, an integrative coach, an academic) and a performing artist (an actor / singer-songwriter), inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s multipotentiality both as a scientist and as an artist.   

Baby L and me.

A father…

of an adorable baby girl whom I love very much.

My mom.

A son…

who inherited humanistic values, Grit, sense of Purpose and Passion in Life from his mother, a survivor of the Cambodian genocide and an incurable disease.

Celebrating 20+ years of friendship.

A loyal friend…

who considers himself a citizen of the world born in France to Chinese parents themselves born in Cambodia. Settled in London, having lived in 3 continents and able to speak 8 languages.

The Institute of Passion's founders and co-directors

A global business leader and an entrepreneur…

previously a senior executive in a multibillion company and the founder of 3 companies.

El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina.

An avid traveller…

70+ countries visited and more to come.

My philosophy, my ethos, my values

I believe in people. I believe in our ability to do good in our world. I believe that we can and must shift from the “Me”, “I”, “Myself” to the “We”, “Us”, “Together”.

Being raised in a middle-class, multicultural environment, by a political refugees family who fled the killings of the Cambodian genocide in the 1970’s, I have inherited from a set of values which have made who I am today. Growing in a family where living in a 15 sqm2 room shared with parents, where learning to appreciate food served on my plate (my bowl) with money constantly being a point of concern, and where human life is worth something (haunted by an incurable disease cast on my mom, my parents and siblings who survived a genocide, a friend who commited suicide when I was 18). I learned to savour life, to thank this Life that i have the chance to live, and to value relationships which have made who i am today.

The values that may define part of who I am include Freedom, Curiosity, Love of learning, Love (Passion), Justice (Equality), Hard work, and Respect.

My Passion

Two quotes which really captured my attention are:

1) “Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses — especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
— Leonardo Da Vinci

2) “The greatest scientists are artists as well.” — Einstein

When freeing my mind and my heart I came to understand that one could have multiple passions. Later in life, people would call me a passionate individual or a multi-passionate.

When being asked “what do you do”? What horrifies me is the idea that one human being should be confined to being defined through a job title, through one role. Now, what if one had multiple passions, multiple talents or skills and could actually earn a living and spend time in completely different activities?

This is my case.

I define myself as a social scientist as well as an artist.

Indeed, having spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world in the space of consumer and retail analytics making sense of consumer psychology through the lens of data, launched three companies, trained as a professional coach, then researched positive psychology, while performing on stage, launching an EP writing both the lyrics and the music, collaborating with other composers, what am I? Should I be confined to one word? One job title? One role?
Or can I have multiple passions, multiple talents?

Having asked myself these questions for years, I came across the concept of multipotentiality and polymath. Here is a very well written article by M. Simmons, and an illustration from that same article.

The Illustrious Leonardo Da Vinci was mostly known for his Arts, although he was an outstanding scientist engineer.
I like to believe that nobody should shy himself or herself from his/her own light.
Marianne Williamson, once said; “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”.

I believe I have been able to utilise the potential of both sides of my brain to serve my passion for Passion; helping people thrive sustainably through living their lives with Passion.

My pledge: I pledge to bring life to people through purpose and passion

Sok-ho Trinh

BSc, MSc, MBA, ORSC, CPCC, FHEA, PGCLTHE, PhD researcher
Passionologist – Career & Leadership coach – Social scientist
Affiliation: Mr Passion, Institute of Passion, University of East London Member of International Coach Federation and International Positive Psychology Association

Sok-ho is a Passionologist who conducts research on Passion and leadership, a career and leadership coach, a global-minded business leader and he lives his life and his career with Passion.

He spent 15 years working in global organizations and has also served as advisory board member and a mentor to social enterprises.

Encouraged by his longing to ignite people’s Passion, Sok-ho first created a coaching practice. Moved by the tragedy of his family, survivor of the Cambodian genocide, and inspired by passionate role models in his life, Sok-ho was called by his longing to create a movement named “Passionology” which aims at unleashing people’s Passion for the world to thrive sustainably. This was brought to life with the formation of Institute of Passion and with his PhD in the field of Positive Psychology, leadership studies and organizational behavior at the University of East London where he investigates the concept of Passion in Leadership.

Sok-ho’s Passion for growing others motivated him to lecture in universities and Business schools and to be a speaker at major events to deliver his humanistic vision.

Born and raised in France, from Chinese parents born in Cambodia, Sok-ho speaks 8 languages. He lived and worked in 3 continents and is now settled down in London, UK with his spouse and his daughter. Sok-ho holds a BSc (1st), an MSc (1st), an MBA, a PGCLTHE (Distinction). He is a certified Professional Co-Active coach and is trained as an ORSC Systemic and Relationship Coach and in the GROW model. He is certified in psychometric assessment for individuals and leadership: Hogan HPI, HDS & MVPI, for groups and teams: HPTA and Hogan 360, and in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation. He is completing a PhD in positive psychology and leadership studies and is training to be certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. Sok-ho is a performer, a singer-songwriter, a photographer and an avid traveler.

His motto in life is “Live with Purpose and Passion”.


My credentials


Academic achievements

PhD research via MPhil
PGCLTHE (Distinction)
Coaching training
International MBA
BSc (1st) and MSc (1st)
Undergrad. yr 1 and 2

Industry experience

Wellbeing and scientific sector
Commercial sector