Video testimonials

Natalia Z

Natalia Z

CEO, Russia

Akemi O

Akemi O

Professional coach, Japan

Dee A

Dee A

CEO, Mauritius

Abdoulaye S

Abdoulaye S

Director diplomat, Chad

Jean DN

Jean DN

General Manager, France

David J

David J

Senior Lawyer, UK

Written testimonials

Sok-ho as a Leadership and team coach

Jean de Naurois

Directeur général ATIR, France“Sok-Ho est un vrai et grand professionnel... Sok-Ho est aussi une personne portée par une histoire de famille qui le pousse vers l'avenir. Il est curieux et d'une grande humanité. Merci à Sok-Ho pour ce qu' il a apporté et transmis à mon équipe”

Sergi Vidal Marí

CFO Tibidabo, Spain“Sokho... allows to increase self-knowledge and to grow both personally and in team. Experience of a shocking emotional intensity that has changed us as individuals and as a team. knowing them our team is stronger.”

Mireille Richard

ATIR, HR Director, France“Sok-ho nous scanne, nous analyse et nous communique des outils de progression individuels et collectifs. Tirant le meilleur de nous même il nous invite à analyser nos forces et nos faiblesses dans un positivisme constructif pour les mettre au service de nos équipes. Merci Sok ho pour ta pertinence, ta justesse, ta gentillesse, ton acuité et ta Passion.”
Sok-ho as an individual career & leadership coach

Laurence Friberg

Senior Global Education Partnership Manager, Busuu, UK“Being coached by Sokho has been a wonderful experience and he helped me take the necessary steps to leave my comfortable corporate job and start a new meaningful job for an EdTech Startup...Sokho's listening skills and sensitivity are amazing; he will sense your emotions even through a phone conversation. Moreover, his strong managerial experience and clear passion for what he does brought a lot of anecdotes and colour to our sessions.”

Ruddy Racon

Organization Performance and Innovation at EDF, France“As a coach, Sok-Ho inspired me to become the best version of myself as a leader. I gained an awareness that is critical to me life and to my career. His background as a senior executive makes me relate more to him, it adds to Sok-ho’s efficiency and credibility. His passion for helping people to transform positively their live impressed me.“

Muriel Quéré

Head of Brand chez Brittany Ferries, France
“Plus qu'un rendez-vous de coaching, Sok-ho vous offre du temps avec vous-même… Ces sessions m'ont permis de prendre du recul et de me recentrer par rapport à mes valeurs et mes fondamentaux. Elles m'ont fait grandir...”

Anitha Ramabhadran

Associate Vice President at ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd. India“I am really glad to have an opportunity to take this journey with (Sok-ho) and discover more about my unfounded fears that were holding me back. I am glad to have found this insight so I have the opportunity to work with this information and unveil my true self. "
Sok-ho as a speaker, a lecturer

Dr Patrick G Gwyer

CSci, Lloyds bank and Action for Hampshire, UK“Sok-ho is an incredibly passionate, engaging and energising speaker. In both his 1-2-1 interactions and event speaking he is able to captivate his listeners and express his ideas and knowledge in a way that holds their attention... On a personal level, he is an incredibly warm and supportive person who is always willing to help and bring out the best in others.

Vrushank Jani

China UK Gateway LTD, UK“I had the honour to learn from the incredible Sok-ho who as an academic delivered the lectures with passion, showing an incredible amount of knowledge. I was always in awe remembering Sok-ho’s ability to bring students on board, including those who were not on the same page initially! ...Sok-ho earned my highest respect.”

Rachid Choaibi

MSc, MInstF Cert, Founder, CEO, Youngscape CiC, UK“Sok-ho delivered an absolutely inspirational university lecture I attended on the subject of passion and emotional wellbeing. For someone who was initially somewhat skeptical of the concept of passion being a science, I was completely won over by Sok-ho's passion for the subject! His contagious energy and ability to engage made for a memorable and thought-provoking session. In particular, his demonstration of a psychology intervention based on Processwork Theory has empowered me with new understanding of my work as a wellbeing coach, and how to understand clients' deepest emotions. Sok-ho is simply a game-changer!”

Mike Duffy

Jr. Doctoral Student, Sheffield University Management School, UK“Special shout out to Sokho for sharing his passion and knowledge of passion in our MAPPCP lecture on the topic of passion! Sokho spoke from the heart in an entertaining, engaging, & educational manner...“

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