Many moons ago, I came across the concept of Ikigai: the Japanese concept of finding purpose in life, a sense of life worth living. I then asked myself what my Ikigai was. I went through lots of self-introspection, positive psychology self-guided exercises including writing, by receiving regular life coaching. I am now aware of my Ikigai.
First, I realise how much I love connecting with people allowing them to smile, to be ambitious and to flourish.
Second, I know that I also have the training, the skills, and the competencies to help.
Third, I am aware of the significant and growing need in coaching and developing people, organisations and leaders.
Fourth, I realise that I can be paid for doing what I love and what I am good at doing.
So I decided to make a living out of my Ikigai hence my motto: live with Purpose and Passion.

Three ways I do this
• I walk alongside individuals in their quest to be happier, better performing at work and more successful in life.
• I hold the space for teams and also for diverse groups to have better relationships, therefore to work better and to feel better.
• I share in conferences, talks, workshops and through lectures what I practice, what I do research on and what I have personally experienced.

For that I use knowledge, skills, training, practice, and credentials built up through the years, and by exploiting resources generated by both sides of my brain.

As an integrative coach

I use a combination of evidence-based disciplines grounded in scientific research. This includes coaching psychology, positive psychology, psychometrics, neuroleadership, mindfulness, kinetic and somatic techniques tapping into the science of acting and performance.

As an artist

I understand the power of the right hemisphere of our brain, the part that controls our inner creativity and the Arts, home to emotions and intuition.

As a social scientist and a business leader

I trust the sharpness that the left side of our brain can generate. Home to our logical, reasoning, analytical skills. 

To hone both sides of our brain, to fully exploit its full potential, is vital especially in a time of changes, adversity and in a world of perpetual transformation. Will make it through and stand out of the crowd those who can adapt. To balance the use of the two sides of our brain can be a major win, although humans tend to experience brain lateralization, meaning that there is a tendency for certain neural functions or cognitive processes to have a focus or specialization on one side of the brain or the other. Here after are the services offered by Mr Passion.

Individual coaching

“Take decisions and actions which are life and career daring and changing” - Sok-ho
My first coachee ten years ago would come with questions about his career and after several sessions ended up quitting this job in London and moved back to Australia where he is now enjoying the sun and a new career where he is much happier.
Over a decade accompanying individuals in their desire to change something, sometimes quite fundamental to their lives, I know this change can be very disruptive.
With one-on-one coaching using various disciplines, clients access a new career and/or a happier life with Passion. They are able to take decisions and actions which are life and career daring and changing.

Typically clients come see me for topics that relate to

  • Career changes and challenges
  • Performance and leadership limitation
  • Relationships challenges (at work or at home)
  • Mental health issues (stress, anxiety, impostor syndrome, procrastination, burnout)
  • Other very personal and intimate issues they cannot share with anybody else

Choose from

  • Pay per hour
  • 12 hours package: to be used before 6 months
  • Mental fitness by Sokho© with full access to Mr Passion

Book me for a free coaching trial session of 15min.


“Deal with team dysfunctions, boost positivity: successfully lead your team to its optimal performance and wellbeing”- Sok-ho
After I coached the first team, the General Manager of this company, tears in her eyes, looked at me and said: “I hope you know what you are doing, because we feel so vulnerable now”. Little did she know that part of the process of nurturing one’s leadership and unpacking a team’s full potential go through the creation of a psychologically safe environment for the the leader(s) and their teams to allow everyone to open up, embracing their vulnerability. The GM and her entire leadership team came to thank, to congratulate, and to hug us at the end of the session.

Typically companies’ leaders and organizations come see me for topics that relate to

  • (Positive) leadership development
  • Team dysfunction
  • Lack of trust and purpose
  • Need to set up and foster Diversity and Inclusion, learning and development programmes
  • Lack of measurements to analyse return on investment and return on emotions
  • People & Culture issues that are very specific to the organization

4 packages are offered

  • Executive coaching fees (hired as an external executive coach)
  • Consultancy fees
  • Per day workshop fees
  • Bespoke leadership programme design and delivery


“Live with Purpose and Passion” - Sok-ho
Passion has that multiplying power which can move mountains, make one fall in love, lead a team to success, and bring Happiness to an entire family.
Being a passionologist, I consider having a duty and the honour to disseminate, to educate, to design and to deliver Passion to as many people as possible.

Typically organizations, events organizers and leaders invite me to speak about

  • Passion and leadership
  • Passion, happiness and mental health
  • Positive Psychology, coaching, wellbeing and happiness
  • Purpose, Passion, Positivity, Power and organizational success
  • Other topics which can motivate (emotionally), stimulate (intellectually), elevate (spiritually), and activate (behaviour-action)

Invite me to speak

Invite me to speak at your event or to deliver lectures.