Live with Purpose and Passion

Dare. Change. Succeed.
You are a respected leader, a manager with ambition, or an entrepreneur on a mission, and looking for success and wellbeing.
You are an HR professional in charge of your organization’s talent pool and your leadership development.
You are an individual with career challenges, life struggles, relationships issues, or the desire to be happier and to succeed in life.

MR PASSION coaching

A gift to yourself.
An investment for your success.

An individualized coaching programme

Be warmly welcomed either with a free teaser or a one-to-one discovery session followed by coaching sessions fully tailored to your objectives, to your needs and identified blind spots, to your strengths, and to your personality.

Real world experience

Gain practical insights to accelerate your personal or team growth through Mr Passion’s industry and leadership “real-life” experiences acquired in 3 continents after 15 years of corporate work including global leadership positions, several years in Academia, and after launching 3 companies.

A blend of proven coaching techniques

Experience integrative and multidimensional coaching : - Mr Passion’s 4P model© and PLIO© approach- Research based and ICF programmes produced coaching techniques incl. Co-Active©, ORSC©, GROW, among others- Other disciplines such as psychology (positive, occupational, business) organizational behavior, leadership development, psychometrics.

A creative and unique coaching style

Stimulate your brain and warm your heart. Benefit from the use of scientifically tested cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and neurobiological applied models and approaches coupled with kinetic and somatic approaches investigated in performing arts, music and other creative disciplines.


  • You want change. You want happiness. You want success.
  • You are willing and hungry for something to change in your career, in your life, in your relationships - yet you may not be sure how to go about achieving it.
  • You believe in working with a coach you can trust and who will use everything he has in store.
  • You are a leader, an aspiring leader, or a high potential manager.
  • You are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an employee.
  • You deal with people, wellbeing, human resources, and/or leadership.
  • You are a coach who may need supervision.
  • You are self employed and want to make things happen, to progress.
  • You self identify as a minority be it a gender, ethnic background, sexual preferences, industry or sectors or way of thinking.
  • You speak English, French, Spanish or Mandarin and prefer a coach who speaks your native/chosen language.
  • You live in London, Paris, Barcelona, or anywhere else in Europe and may want me to come coach in person.
  • You live anywhere in the world, have access to the internet and are comfortable to be coached using modern technologies (internet and a video conference solution or FaceTime, WhatsApp video, or any equivalent).
  • You know that to bring the best out of you, you should invest in yourself, and this investment is not free, and therefore has a price.
  • You want change. You want happiness. You want success.

You are reading all this, and it “feels right”…

Dee A
CEO, Mauritius

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Natalia Z

CEO, Russia

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Akemi O

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Dee A

Dee A

CEO, Mauritius

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