From Ancient Greece to 4th-century Christianity, 17th-century Philosophers to 21st-century Academia, passion has been described as a loss of control, a dysfunctional driver, a motivational energy. What research later shows is passion displays as a ‘fire-like’ energy that fuels our actions, our behaviours, our responses to others.
Is this ‘fire-like’ energy the motivational reason why world leaders, elite athletes, famous artists, and acclaimed role models reach the pinnacles of their chosen fields becoming superstars in their own way and on their own terms? Think of Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Marie Kondo, Cristiano Ronaldo or even BTS. Names that are recognised around the world by people of all ages.They are remembered for representing something that changed the status quo, making their mark in our history books for the right reasons through daring to challenge the norm, remaining true to themselves and to their passion for what they do. Leaders in their fields.
When passionate individuals speak, about a career they love or a lifelong hobby that is ever present in their minds, look for a sparkle in their eyes or an indescribable energy when they talk. As passionate leaders, this same energy can drive a will to succeed, to be the best, and to share and achieve with their teams.
At Dr. Passion we call this your ‘passion’, the ‘fire-like’ energy that resides in us all and on occasion burns more brightly and with more vigour.
There is nothing that catches our attention more that a glow that shines from within.
IT’S YOUR LIFE.   Find your passion.
DARE yourself . CHANGE those around you . SUCCEED
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Find your Passion
Find your Passion