Bespoke and flexible coaching

Individual, team or organisational programmes tailored to address specific challenges uncovered during coaching chemistry or discovery sessions. Aim for success by finding and releasing your own passion for life, in your career, and in the way you lead yourself and others. Bespoke and flexible to suit you/your team dynamics using psychometrics and scientific measurements and models.


Blend of proven techniques

Experience the positive impact of social and behavioural science backed by proprietary coaching tools and frameworks. A combination of psychology (cognitive, behavioural, Industrial-organisational, personality-psychometrics, social, positive, coaching), leadership development (management, sociology, neuro-leadership, trait-behaviour-mindset), evidence-based somatic, kinetic, and creative techniques.

Access to practical knowledge

Over 20 years of industry knowledge combined with commercial experience allows Dr. Passion to speak ‘your language’. From global MNCs to small own-founded start ups, wherever you are Dr. Passion’s bespoke coaching programmes draw on this experience and understanding of how we connect with others to make your journey with us valuable and actionable.

Continuous learning

Visit our Dare Yourself Library and explore resources, articles, interviews and podcasts from Dr. Passion.
The learning journey and personal growth does not have to stop when our programme ends.
Join us and meet with other like-minded passionate individuals.
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