Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’, Have you experienced a fleeting moment of not knowing what your purpose is.
Time stops. your thoughts freeze. For some this feeling is fleeting, For others it causes real stress, panic, depression which can affect other areas of their life, affecting their behaviours and relationships.
In Japan, people practice a concept of finding purpose in their lives, a sense of finding a life worth living that leads to good health and increased longevity.  They call it Ikigai.
Sok-Ho Trinh, the individual behind Dr. Passion, discovered his passion in life through using Ikigai and discovered his three clear areas of purpose that gives Dr. Passion its direction. To help others to find their focus and purpose. To put smiles on faces. To realise hopes and ambition in others.
Through a balanced mix of professional coaching, mentoring & leadership development, supported with academic credentials specialising in the field of high-performing Leadership and backed with over 20 years of practical experience delivering within international, multicultural business environments. Dr. Passion’s purpose is to offer a helping hand to individuals who are searching for their own passion and purpose in life; and to organisations who want to support their employees with team alignment, development and growth into high-performing successful teams.
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Ikigai in Business
Ikigai in business
Ikigai in Business